Open arts is a way of sharing stuff that's useful, for artists and organisations. Just some tools to help make admin easier, so there’s more time to create work. No message; no bangs; no whistles.


Administration takes time and energy out of the process of creating work. Whether this time is covered by our own money, public funds, or just a limited budget, we don’t want to waste it. Even salaried staff don’t need to spend time on work that’s unnecessary.

So, why not pool this stuff and save time? It’s collaboration to share what’s necessary but doesn’t directly contribute to the creative process. Saves energy, time and money; helps create.


All of us. We all put in and we all take out. Whatever we’re able to contribute, and whatever we need.


With open standards*, where possible. No point us being super-whizzy if you have to change how you work. We want to deliver benefits, rather than impose gratuitous change.

Chances are you've already got a familiar way of doing what you need to do, and tools that you know. Most are starting to accommodate open standards, so this helps embed our philosophy in the way we work, as well as keeping it simple.

* Open standards are a collaboratively and publicly agreed way of working (whether for email, documents, rights etc). In particular, no-one owns these standards so they can't be used to lock people in to particular technologies. This is why the internet (a collection of open standards) works.



Festivals, events, commissions. Dates and deadlines. Browse them online, merge them into your own electronic diary and put dates in the diary to share with everyone else.

Coming along...

We've a few ideas for future developments, which might include...


Words. Lots of them. Used in different ways in different sectors. A jargonaut to wade through our own language, or translate it for other sectors.


A distributed inventory of physical stuff that you're willing to share, where it is, and how others can get hold of it.


A wiki of the questions and knowledge that seem to crop up repeatedly in different conversations. Stuff that some people know and some people don't, but everyone might need to know at some point.


Need help? You're probably not the first. Throw your question out there to see if someone else has been there already and can help you.


A place for casual chats, which might lead to insights, innovation or inspiration. Or simply the pleasure of a nice chat.

What else?

What do you do or need that could benefit from being shared with others?

Email us: admin (at) open-arts.org.uk