“Won’t that mean people take without giving?” That's always a possibility. But a criticism that could equally be levelled at public health or education. Openness is not without risk, and this is one we're willing to take.

"Is there really no agenda?" Erm. Maybe there is. The starting point was a very practical idea of minimising wasted effort for everyone. But there probably is an underlying philosophy, of collective generosity as an indicator of empowerment

"Who are you people?" We're simply some artists without administrative support, who felt we could reduce this overhead by sharing it. Right now, not really enough to merit a page 'about us'.

"Why don't you use Apple or other calendar service?"
Our aim is openness, and we want to reflect that in the way we work. We have to balance this with the best use of our time, and what's most widely useful to the community, whether using Apple, Microsoft or open technology platforms. Google seems to provide a reasonable balance of these, but we're open to suggestions, especially if you can contribute the time and expertise to develop these.

"What about...?" At the time of writing, the truth is we have no questions, and precious few answers. Ask here, and we will answer. And share.
 "Can't I just ask my friends for all this?"
Of course. That's what networking is all about. But networking isn't necessarily open and risks convergence. That is, it can be excluding to those who have less social capital. Open arts is about the wider willingness to help strangers, and not just friends.